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Parents, Teachers & Carers

The Space Place is a series of animated films featuring space vehicles. Using simple stories the aim of the series is to help children ( particuarly those on the autistic spectrum ) to have a better understanding of the link between facial expression and emotion. The series also explores important areas in social development particularly the role of friendships in a child's life.

The full package includes a DVD that has 12 episodes, each exploring emotions and social skills. Children with ASD are often attracted to mechanical objects and so the vehicles in the show will quickly become friends. Through repeated viewings of the characters in the show it has been shown to improve a child's awareness of emotion and social interaction. In addition to the films the DVD also contains some fun activities.

Build a face - allows the child to select the eyes and mouth that make up a key expression.

Spot the face - a child is asked to spot the first time we see a particular expression in a sequence.

Outer Space - the child explores planets and stars to help Bernard the Space Telescope.

Round the Gallery - the child can go on a journey around the Space Place, to help Rakesh find his missing rock collection.

In addition to the DVD there is a pack of printed cards in the package that allow you to play several games with your child that help to reinforce the lessons learned.


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